Barkerville Stories

There are lots of great stories being shared after Mrs. Barr and Mrs. London’s classes have returned from Barkerville. Many more photos are posted on a bulletin board at the school.


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This Week at Bert Ambrose

Please click the link below for our news this week. Our district track meet will be hosted at Bert Ambrose on June 3 – we are still looking for lot of helpers for this big event – stop by the school or email if you are able to sign up to help out on this day – a reminder – the school will be closed for this event.


This Week May 23 16

Yearbook Orders

Reminder that you must have your students yearbook ordered on or before Thursday MAY 12th.  We have a ton of great pictures for the yearbook this year so order it today and you won’t be sorry.  There will not likely be any extras to buy this year so you must order if you want to have this special keepsake.

2 ways to order:
1. Order form: (sent out last week) return to school by Thursday May 12th with cash or cheque of $30.
2. Online: go to and order with a credit card.   This is really easy 😉

Wildfire Donations

Thank you to all who generously donated at our Missoula Theatre performance on Friday in support of those impacted by the wildfires. We collected over $230 and some household items. We will split the donations to support those in Fort McMurray, and those impacted by local fires. Thanks again for your big hearted contributions.

This Week at Bert Ambrose

Please click the link below for our schedule of events for this week. Thank you to everyone who made our Missoula Children’s Theatre week such a success and thanks for the generous donations in support of people impacted by the wildfires. There have been many good conversations about emergency procedures. If you are wishing to receive alerts from the school district regarding emergencies and school closures, you can go to the district web page at and then click on the parent tab. You will find a drop down menu that includes text/email alerts where you can register an email address and/or phone number to receive these messages. Have a great week!


This Week May 9 16

Missoula Theatre Performance

We are very excited about the Missoula Children’s Theatre performance this week. Students have shown great excitement and dedication during their long practices and workshops this week. Our finale will take place at 7 pm in the gym on Friday, and everyone is welcome to come watch. While the performance is being presented free of charge thanks to the generosity of our PAC, we will have a donation box which will go to the Red Cross in support of all those displaced by the fire in Fort McMurray if you would like to make a donation.