Hot Lunch

This is a message from PAC:  The deadline to order hot lunch on-line is Wednesday, September 28th at midnight.

Please, contact them at if you have any questions, thanks!

September 26th – 30th

Planning Day was exciting! During the year, we will share our ideas to support our school vision:   “Striving together to achieve our potential for a better tomorrow.”

-Thank you to the parents who returned the Registration Verification Forms sent out last week!  If you still need to return them, please do so as soon as possible.  A new one is available by calling the school!

– Thursday is the Terry Fox Run!  This is a non-competitive event where people get to raise money for cancer research in Terry’s name. Participating allows us to celebrate Terry’s legacy and help keep alive, his dream of finding a cure for cancer.  All Bert Ambrose students will walk or run at 1:00 pm on Friday and parents are welcome to join in!  If you would like to support this event please drop off funds at the office anytime this week.  Thanks goes out to Mrs. Fraser for organizing this event!

-If your child plays soccer please check game times and tournament schedule issued out by your child’s coach or phone the office for more information.

-A Cross Country Run is scheduled for Upper Pine on Wednesday.  Last week, we had over 60 runners involved at Taylor!

-ORANGE DAY -Every Child Matters!  September 30th has been declared Orange Shirt Day.  People wear orange shirts to remember the experiences of former students in Residential Schools and as an affirmation of our commitment to ensure that everyone around us matters.  Our 9:00 am assembly will explain Orange day and we encourage students to wear an orange shirt or an orange button provided by Bert Ambrose School.  Grade 5 students will also attend an information session at the Culture Centre. Thanks goes out to Mrs. Cooper for organizing this important day!


3rd -Picture Day

5th -Cross Country Run @ Kin Park (Bert Ambrose host school)

10th -Thanksgiving Day

21st -NID-Provincial

24th-28th -Rik Leaf

31st -Halloween

September 13, 2016 PAC Minutes

Bert Ambrose Elementary School

In attendance: Erin Powers, Sonia Wheat, Michelle Stigners, Irene Fisher, Tammy Fraser, Teresa Brown, Morgan Henry, Kelly Lynn Herriot, Tanya Hart, Corrie Bennie, Acting Principal Dwan Boyd

Called to order: 6:35 by Connie Bennie

Introductions made from previous PAC members and all new attendees.

Adoption of Agenda: Irene Fisher/ Morgan Henry

  • Added to the agenda: School Mascot Emblem

Adoption of Minutes from June 7, 2016 Michelle Stigners seconded by Kelly Lynn Herriot. Motion passed.

-Happy Hippo order- look into if those who made an order from them after the dead line if they received their orders. (If those individuals did not receive their orders look into placing another order or reimbursing those individuals.)

Old Business

Basket Ball court- Tabled to next meeting

Climbing wall: The PAC has bought a Climbing wall from Clearview School at discounted price. We are waiting on Maintenance to change Clearview’s climbing wall, then to have them install it at Bert Ambrose.- Tabled to next Meeting

Vote in PAC Executives for 2016/2017

President: Corrie Bennie motioned Irene Fisher, 2nd Teresa Brown

Vice-President: Teresa Brown motioned Tammy Fraser, 2nd Erin Powers

Treasurer: Michelle Stigner motioned Tammy Fraser, 2nd Irene Fisher

Secretary: Sonia Wheat motioned Teresa Brown, 2nd Tammy Fraser

Hot Lunch Coordinator: Sandy will be stepping down with in the year. Kelly Lynn Herriot and Tammy Fraser are willing to learn the system of how the program works. Corrie Bennie also wants to learn the computer system.

Fundraiser Coordinator: Tabled to next Meeting.



Rick Leif- will be returning this year

Angela Pomeroy- will be returning this year

Missoula Theatre- will not be returning it is an American Company that has become very expensive. The PAC will be looking into other Options.

Year Book

Creation of the year will be directed by Tanya Hart. She will be asking Parents and Teachers to take pictures of special events and outings this year. She has also volunteered if need she would come take pictures.

Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch Coordinator Sandy MacDonald will be stepping down with in the year. Kelly Lynn Herriot and Michelle Stigners are willing to learn the system of how the program works. Corrie Bennie also wants to learn the computer system.



PAC is looking at cutting back on Fundraising for this coming year, due to the slow economy. The PAC would like to take a simplicity look to the year, and focus on Advocating for the Parents. Also to look at bringing positive changes to the school.

Constitution and By Laws– Motioned Sonia Wheat 2nd Teresa Brown, all in Favor.

Important changes and information to Note from the Constitution and By Laws.

  • AGM meetings will now be held in the Spring of each Year.
  • Volunteer coordinator Position

Administration Report- Dwan Boyd

  • HVAC System- will not be completed until Christmas; Staff has been pleased with the professionalism of the workers that have been working on the HVAC System. They have been working during the night when no one is at the school.
  • The school will be looking at changing the computer room to include a project based area.
  • Inclusion is the mandate of the new curriculum- the staff will be discussing best practice list and a wish list.
  • New Principal- Dave Solan has been talking to staff and PAC to get a vision of what they would like to see in a new principal. Mr. McCracken will be staying on to help orientate the new principal. The time of hiring a new Principal is hopefully by some time in October before the schools planning day.
  • There is about 336 kids attending the school, there is 2 kindergarten classes this year. The school is still closed to variances.
  • Breakfast program- last year was paid by PAC and community donations. It is run by parent and grade 5/6 volunteers.
  • The School being painted blue was because it was suggested by past gators. To have gators swimming in the sea. Mrs. Boyd will look into getting the gators painted.
  • The Gator bench that was donated by the PAC, in the Foyer was painted by Mrs. Boyd and a few of the staff.
  • School Mascot Emblem

School Mascot Emblem

The Gator Logo that is found on the Website and several other places is the same Logo as the Florida Gators. This can be a Copy right issue. Mrs. Boyd will look into the places the Logo is not the right Logo.


Next Meeting will discuss

  • How much Money PAC has
  • Discussing with staff about having Spirit days the last Friday of every month
  • Pizza to be bought for the winning team.
  • Larsh would like to come speak to PAC

Meeting Adjourned at 8:10pm

Next Meeting is On

September 20th at 7:00

After the Open House.

This Week at Bert Ambrose: September 19th – 23rd

Last Friday, during the “Infinitus” performance students had so much fun listening to the band and participating! We look forward to our next cultural activity!

Permission Forms and the Registration Verification Form were issued last week for parents to sign and we request students return them to their teacher as of September 21, 2016. One of the forms will allow students to participate in a Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program that is sponsored by the BC Ministries of Education, Health, Agriculture and Lands, Tourism and Sport and the Arts. The purpose of this free program is to introduce a healthy snack choice once a month and provide teachers with a teaching tool on good nutrition. The Computer User Agreement gives students the opportunity to work in our computer lab. Please return the Registration Verification Form and signed consent forms by Wednesday, September 21st.

Open House is this Tuesday, Sept. 20th! Doors will be open at 6:00 pm until 7:00 pm and parents will be able to meet their new classroom teacher as well as celebrate the start of a new school year! Because of limited parking we encourage families to walk where possible. On this same evening, PAC will hold their meeting from 7-8 pm, in the library. PAC play an important role in our school and we hope you can join in! Babysitting is provided and PAC information will be included in the upcoming monthly newsletters. Also, for those interested PAC has 10 extra 2015-2106 Yearbooks for sale at $30.00 each in the office.

Orange Shirt Day will be Friday, Sept. 30th! Students will be learning about children who have survived Residential school. Please, help us honour this day by having your child wear an orange shirt.

New Principal, District Staff and the Board of Trustees announced the appointment of Mrs. Boyd to the Principalship of Bert Ambrose Elementary School. A new Vice-Prinicipal will be appointed soon.

Kindergarten 8:45-2:45 FIRST FULL DAY!
Please, return preferred method of communication for newsletters (coming home today), Registration Verification Form and Consent forms sent home last week before Sept. 21st.
OPEN HOUSE 6 – 7 pm Come meet your child’s teacher(s).
PAC MEETING 7- 8 pm PAC information will be in the upcoming Newsletters.
Also, there are 10 extra 2015-2106 Yearbooks at $30.00 each in the office.
Soccer Season begins! Thanks to our coaches Mr. Frankham, Mrs. Keilo and Mr. Snider who will be giving the information package to players on Monday.
Cross Country Run -Taylor at 1 pm. Thanks to our coaches Mr. McCracken and Mrs. Tacey!
Thursday A Regular Day
Friday No School- NID

SEPTEMBER: 28 -Cross Country Run -Upper Pine
29 -Terry Fox Run
30 -Orange Day & Soccer Tournament at Alwin Holland and Dr. Kearney

OCTOBER: 3rd -Picture Day 5-Cross Country Run @ Kin Park (Bert Ambrose host school) 10 -Thanksgiving Day 21-NID-Provincial 24-28 -Rik Leaf 31-Halloween

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s teacher or call the school. Thanks!

Week of September 12th – 16th at Bert Ambrose

Last week, staff and students engaged in activities to get to know each other, share their summer memories and listen to guest speakers. Students in three intermediate classes participated in outdoor activities all week. Pictures will soon be posted of these fun learning experiences. Students also enjoyed playing with their friends on the playground once again!

First Day of Kindergarten (8:45-11:00)
Breakfast Program Begins and continues every day 8:30-9:00 am
Soccer Sign-up at lunch

2nd Day of Kindergarten (8:45-11:00)
PAC Meeting 6:00 in the Library
This Tuesday the 13th is our first PAC meeting starting at 6:30 in the library. Babysitting is provided. All Ambrose parents are encouraged to come to PAC meetings. The fist meeting’s agenda is posted on the PAC bulletin board located across from the office. Agenda items include reviewing the constitution and bylaws as well as our AGM and elections for the upcoming year.
There will be a 2nd meeting held after the open house on September the 20th at 7pm, to kick off our new school year. Babysitting will also be provided on this night. Please check our bulletin board for any PAC related news. To contact PAC always use the following email:

3rd Day of Kindergarten (8:45-1:00)

4th day of Kindergarten (8:45-1:45)

Fifth day of Kindergarten (8:45-1:45) Full days begin Monday!
Culture Presentation: Infinitus 9-10 am

19 -Kindergarten Full Day
20 -Open House 6-7pm /PAC Meeting 7-8 pm
21 -Cross Country Run -Clearview
23 -No School (Non Instructional Day – NID)
28 -Cross Country Run -Surerus (Central host School)
29 -Terry Fox Run
30 -Orange Day / Soccer Tournament -Date TBD


As you may know our principal Mr. Ritchie moved to Penticton and Mrs. Boyd and Mr. McCracken will be looking after the school start up.
Our school is in the process of the installation of a new heat and ventilation system. We are working closely with the contractor to minimize any disruption.
Please welcome our new staff members Mrs. Lavoie who is sharing a class with Mrs. Lee and teaching in a number of intermediate classes and Ms. Chartrand who is sharing a class with Ms. Yorke. If you have questions please email Mrs. Boyd at, call the school or come see us! We look forward to meeting and working with you!


Tuesday -First Day of School!
8:45 -Students attend classes from last year; however, new students will meet staff at the office who will introduce them to students in the existing classes.
10:00-10:15 -Recess, parents please provide your child with a healthy snack.
10:45 -Student dismissal.

Wednesday -Regular Day 8:45- 2:45
Students return to Tuesday’s classroom and teachers will assist students to move to their new classrooms. Parents please provide a healthy recess snack, lunch and inside shoes.
The youngest family member will take home the September newsletter explaining supplies and start up procedures.

Thursday -Regular School Day

Friday -Regular School Day

12th-16th Kindergarten Partial Days. Teachers will be in contact with parents.
19th Kindergarten Full Day
14th Cross Country Running -BA is the host school
21st Cross Country Running Clearview
28th Cross Country Running Surerus
16th “Infinitus” Cultural Performance @ 9:00 am
23rd NID Planning Day
29th Terry Fox Run
30th Soccer Tournament
(Open House Date to be determined.)

3rd Picture Day (9:00 am)
10th Thanksgiving Day
21st NID
24th-28th Rik Leaf

Enjoy your long weekend!
Mrs. Boyd / Mr. McCracken

Bert Ambrose Changes

Good morning all, I wanted to let you know that I will not be continuing as the principal at Bert Ambrose this year. Very recently I was offered and accepted a principalship at Carmi Elementary in Penticton. It was a difficult decision but the career opportunities and ability to be closer to both my, and Donna’s family makes it the right decision for us at this time.
I am working with Mrs. Boyd and district staff to ensure as smooth a transition as possible, and am confident that Bert Ambrose will continue to thrive without me.  Mrs. Boyd will begin the year as acting principal, and Mr. McCracken will be filling in temporarily during the transition process as vice-principal. Mr. Sloan will be working to develop a succession plan to move forward.
I want to thank the Bert Ambrose community for the warm welcome I received and an amazing 3 years here. I will always hold a special place in my heart for this amazing school, students, staff and community – Carmi Elementary has BIG shoes to fill. I will keep in touch with the school and look forward to hearing about all the great things going on here.
All the best, and thanks again,
Dave Ritchie

Welcome New and Returning Staff

We are excited to welcome back for September Mr. Ouellette who will be returning to us after a year off. We would also like to welcome Mrs. Lavoie, and Miss Chartrand to our staff for September, we are excited to have them as part of our Bert Ambrose family. We would also like to wish Miss Hollman all the best as she will not be returning to Bert Ambrose. Thank you for all you have done with us this year – you will be missed.